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Front Porch Forum: 2018-10-09

Dear Neighbors,

Happy Fall! I hope everyone is enjoying the beauty of Vermont’s fall season. There is so much happing in the city and particularly in the New North End. I wanted to share a few updates.

Please join me in congratulating Darren Springer, for his nomination to lead Burlington Electric Department as General Manager. Darren is currently working as the Chief Operation Officer and Manager for Strategy and Innovation at Burlington Electric Department. He is an active member of the community, residing in the New North End with his family. The council anticipates confirming his appointment on Monday, October 15th.

Alongside other New American leaders, we held a Town Hall meeting with Senator Sanders at the Old North End Community Center (20 Allen St.) in September to empower people to vote and encourage civic engagement. The Town Hall was a great success with nearly 250 people in attendance. If you have not yet visited the ONE Community Center, I encourage you to check out this great community space, newly renovated and hosting programs of all kinds.

On September 24th, the City Council voted to put a $70 million bond for BHS renovations on the November ballot; a $30 million bond for water and sewage infrastructure updates was added. I have received many requests from my constituents to vote in agreement with the BHS Renovation ballot item. All shared concerns about the current BHS building’s accessibility, safety and learning environment. Most importantly, this would be an investment in the community. The BHS renovation plan was developed through five years of re-envisioning and was well vetted across the city through the hard work of the school board, Council and community volunteers.

I believe that we must find a solution to prevent sewage from spilling into Lake Champlain, but at the meeting, I articulated my disagreement with adding the $30 million utility bond on the ballot item in November for the following reasons:

  • We already pay for water/sewage directly and indirectly via city taxes and household water bills.
  • Unlike the $70 million bond for BHS which guarantees a safer and more accessible building, the $30 million utility bond provides no guarantee against future sewage leaks into Lake Champlain.
  • There should be a robust community conversation about any significant investment like this before putting it on the ballot.
  • As elected officials, we must think about all Burlington residents, with special consideration of those who are low income, older or living with a disability on a fixed income and the challenges that any additional taxes and fees put on their ability to make ends meet. A 2015 AARP-VT found that over half of Burlington residents age 45 and plus were ‘somewhat” or very concerned about being able to pay utility bills in the coming years. Similarly, in the statewide needs assessment of older Vermonters age 60+ conducted in 2017 by The Department of Aging and independent Living (DAIL), both housing and financial security rose to the top of respondents’ list of most pressing concerns, with people sharing responses, such as: “Taxes will make me leave when I retire;” “If all the taxes were less, I could afford to get what I needed on my own;” and “The taxes in this state kill the elderly more than the weather does.” Is there a different way to find the funds we need without overburdening the most vulnerable? We need to consider all the options, including how we move forward with the future of Memorial Auditorium.

I’m looking forward to connecting with you again soon via FPF with a few more updates before the next council meeting Monday, October 15th.

As always, thank you for your engagement and please reach out any time. And don’t forget to vote on November 6th!

Block Party - July 29th - Kanet Circle

Block Party: Sunday July 29th – Janet Circle

11:00am – 3:00pm

YOU are invited to the Block Party on Janet Circle. On the south side of Burlington’s New North End, Janet Circle is off James Ave. Which is off of Ethan Allen Parkway. We’ll have kids activities, a neighborhood music jam, food for everyone and more! If you can, please bring a dish or non-alcoholic drinks to enjoy. We have joined efforts to bring people together in the New North End. Join me, Council President Kurt Wright and Councilor Dave Hartnett for the first of hopefully annual block parties on Janet Circle.

For more information contact me at 318-2527.

Robert Miller Community and Recreation Center - Burlington, VT

Heatwave Cooling Station

With the coming heatwave, the City of Burlington has opened three Cooling Stations where people can come to cool down.

  • The Miller Center Community Room
  • Fletcher Free Library
  • The Burlington Police Department Community Room

Miller Center Hours

  • Sunday: 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm
  • Monday: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

I will be assisting with transportation on Sunday to and from the Miller Center for residents of the New North End. Please call me at 802-318-2527 if you are interested.

Did somebody say ICE CREAM?

Yes! I will be offering free ice cream from 1-2 on Sunday.

Ali Dieng speaking at TEDx Stowe

Ali Dieng Speaking at TEDx Stowe

UPDATE: The video is here

I am honored to be one of the speakers at this important event in Stowe. I am sorry to say it is SOLD OUT, but that reflects the commitment to community and thirst for knowledge that Vermonters maintain.

Check out the profiles of the speakers that will be hearing from.

About TEDx Stowe

TEDxStowe is a window into Vermont today. A rare opportunity to celebrate and connect with our Vermont community through big ideas. Some of the state’s most unique thinkers and inspiring storytellers will take to the stage to provoke conversations that matter. TEDxStowe is a place to learn about our neighbors and to celebrate those who are striving to innovate, to unite, and to lead in a variety of fields. It is also a moment to shed light on the challenges our communities face and investigate ways we can better pursue a common vision.

Door Knocking in Ward 7 Burlington VT

Door Knocking

It’s always a great pleasure to reconnect with the residents of Ward 7. It is such an honor serving you as your representative on City Council, and I thank you so much for all your ongoing support. It’s great to learn that many of you have already voted to support my candidacy.

For those who have not voted yet, please show up strong to support your candidate for City Council. I hope to see you all Town Meeting Day at the Miller Center from 7am to 7pm.

Door Knocking - Ali Dieng Ward 7 City Council - Burlington, VT

Front Porch Forum

Front Porch Forum: 2018-02-01

Dear Neighbors,

It’s with great pleasure that I connect with you via Front Porch Forum. I hope that you are having a great winter and looking forward to a wonderful spring.

Instead of having our bi-weekly Dumplings with Councilor Dieng, I have decided to hold a meeting at Simple Roots on Thursday, February 8th from 5:30-7:00 pm. We will enjoy some drinks as well as some boca woodfire pizza made right here in our backyard in the New North End Ethan Allen Shopping Center.

On January 29th we had a long and interesting City Council meeting with an extended public forum. Many Burlingtonians came and spoke in support of two resolutions: 1) adding the ballot question around the F-35’s and 2) exploring the legal ramifications of the future of the ‘Everyone Loves a Parade’ mural in downtown. Both resolutions passed.

Burlington is the most diverse city in Vermont, with over 35% students of color in our school district. The downtown mural is used by schools as an opportunity to teach students about Vermont. It is important, as a city, that we look at all we do with an equity lense.

In addition to the ballot item questions I shared with you on my last FPF post (which you can find on my website,, the following questions will also be on the ballot on Town Meeting Day, Tuesday, March 6th:

1- ADVISORY BALLOT QUESTION: “Shall we, the voters of the City of Burlington, as part of our strong support for the men and women of the Vermont National Guard, and especially their mission to ‘protect the citizens of Vermont,’ advise the City Council to:
1.) request the cancellation of the planned basing of the F-35 at Burlington International Airport,
2.) request instead low-noise-level equipment with a proven high safety record appropriate for a densely populated area?”

2- ADVISORY BALLOT QUESTION: “Shall the City Council be authorized to issue general obligation bonds or notes in one or more series in an amount not to exceed Six Million One Hundred Thousand Dollars and 00/100 ($6,100,000.00), to fund capital improvement infrastructure projects of the City and its departments in furtherance of the City’s ten-year capital plan, with the expectation that the University of Vermont and Champlain College will make contributions to the City in support of such ten-year capital plan that will reduce the amount of property taxes needed for future debt service on such bonds or notes?”

I recently had the chance to attend a breakfast with the staff and friends of the Fletcher Free Library. We have so many friends of the FFL residing in the New North End as well as four full time library staff as our NNE neighbors. They are providing valuable insight on how a satellite library of FFL in the NNE should be designed to meet our 21st century needs.

I am seeking re-election on Town Meeting Day for a full term in order to accomplish my campaign promises from last spring. It is truly an honor representing you at the Burlington City Council. It is great to see the level of positive engagement from both Ward 7 and Ward 4 residents. I respect and value everyone’s perspective and will always get back to you whether you contact me via email, phone or Facebook message.

I hope to see you at Simple Roots on the 8th from 5:30-7:00 and look forward to continuing our community conversations and healthy discussions about the New North End and our city that we cherish, where we live, work, and raise our children.

Best regards,


Front Porch Forum - Burlington, VT

Front Porch Forum: 2018-01-12

Dear Neighbors,

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a happy holiday and may 2018 bring peace, love & Joy to our world.

Please join me in appreciating the hard work of the Burlington Public Works snow removal team! They have been working hard to help keep our streets and sidewalks accessible this winter.

As you may know, Town Meeting Day is Tuesday, March 6th and fast approaching. There are a few ballot items introduced so far that I wanted to be sure to share with you: 1.) BALLOT QUESTION RE INCREASING AGE TO LEGALLY PURCHASE TOBACCO PRODUCTS FROM 18 TO 21: Shall the voters of Burlington advise their representatives to the Vermont General Assembly to support increasing the age to legally purchase tobacco products in Vermont from 18 to 21 years of age?

2.) BALLOT QUESTION RE FORMATION OF A UNION MUNICIPAL DISTRICT: Shall the City of Burlington enter into an agreement for the formation of a union municipal district to be known as the Chittenden County Public Safety Authority for the purpose of providing regional emergency dispatch?

3.)BALLOT QUESTION RE CLIMATE ACTION: Shall the voters of Burlington urge the Governor of the State of Vermont to: a. Actively pursue more policies and programs that will lead to achieving the goal of 90% renewable energy for all people in Vermont, with firm interim deadlines; and b. Ensure that the transition to renewable energy is fair and equitable for all residents, with additional support for low-income people, people of color, or rural communities?

The Burlington Democratic Caucus was held on Sunday, January 7th with over 250 residents participating. Ward 7 held the largest caucus meeting, where I secured the Democratic endorsement. Many thanks to the approximately 65 Ward 7 residents who braved the cold to come out and vote.

I am writing this message just after my bi-weekly “Dumplings with Councilor Dieng” gathering at Pho Thao Vietnamese Restaurant on North Ave. Today we welcomed and heard from two Ward 4 and Ward 7 School Board Candidates, Martine L Gulick and Monika Ivancic respectively, who shared their platforms and priorities and neighbors asked questions.

Each time we meet people share their ideas, hopes and concerns for our city, and I share updates from the city and the work of the city council. I hope to see you at a future Dumplings discussion!

Many of you are likely aware of upcoming events around MLK Day. But I wanted to be sure to invite you to join me at the 2018 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Remembrance where Mayor Weinberger will be providing opening remarks, the keynote speaker will be Louis Gossett Jr. and I’ll be doing the closing remarks. This free event is at 3pm on Sunday the 14th at the First Unitarian Universalist Church (more details can be found here:

Whether I see you at the Dumplings discussions, I hear from you via email, I see you at a council meeting, or we chat on the phone, I greatly appreciate each conversation and everyone’s input. Please, let’s keep the conversation going as we seek to build a welcoming, inclusive and thriving Burlington community. I look forward to hearing from you.

Stay warm and dry!

Best, Ali Dieng

Front Porch Forum

Front Porch Forum: 2017-11-20

Dear Neighbors,

I am writing this message to you from the Airport in Washington, DC to provide some updates around the sale of Burlington Telecom. I was attending a conference this weekend: the New American Leaders Elected to Office Power and Policy Conference. This conference was a huge opportunity for me, as I had the chance to interact with elected officials from immigrant backgrounds and learn how state and local governmental systems are set up around the nation, what are some challenges in other states and cities, how elected officials interact with the communities they serve, and most importantly, I shared the greatness of my city and state, our values and aspirations. It was truly an incredible experience for me. Thanks you Kesha Ram for expanding my horizon and exposure to other possibilities.

At the October 6th City Council meeting, after two tied votes, the council adopted a motion requesting the two final bidders, Keep Burlington Telecom Local group (KBTL) and Tucow/Ting the to create a joint venture proposal. Both parties worked together but could not come to a mutual agreement. Therefore, the council invited the original final four bidders; Keep Burlington Telecom Local (KBTL), Tucow/Ting, Schurz and ZRF to again submit their Letters of Interest by Monday, November 20th in order to allow the council time to review them before the final vote scheduled to take place on Monday, November 27th. During this process, we have an agreement that no councillor will contact any of the four bidders about their bids, and any questions we have for any particular bidder should go through Terry Dorman from Dorman & Fawcett. Mr. Dorman is helping the city with the negotiation and transaction of this sale process.

I would like to express my gratitude for the amount of engagement and respect despite the different points of views from community members on this issue. I truly hope that the community will keep staying involved, especially as we get closer to this finish line.

I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. I am so grateful to be able to live, work and raise my family in Vermont. I have much gratitude to all Burlingtonians, especially New North Enders/Ward 7 residents for your trust and support in electing me as your representative. Have a wonderful holiday and hope to see some of you at the council meeting on the 27th at City Hall.

Please reach out with any questions