Burlington Citywide Reappraisal Project Update

Dear Neighbors,

As residents of the New North End, we should be very proud of having great properties and neighborhoods. Below is information about the City Appraisal Project with important dates and questions to consider.

The City of Burlington has secured over $1.1 million in funding a citywide Reappraisal Project. Appraisals are used to determine the fair market value of your property. The reappraisal is required by state law and the state provided the resources necessary to accomplish this. The city has contracted with Tyler Technology Inc.https://www.tylertech.com. In late September 2019, all property owners received a letter from the city assessor’s office notifying them of property reappraisals and to provide them with an accurate and trusted source of information: https://www.burlingtonvt.gov/Assessor. City Assessor John Vickery made a tour to almost all NPAs with a presentation and answered some questions.

The city wide reappraisal project has now been completed by Tyler Technologies and is under review by the city assessor’s office before mailing up to 11,000 notices of new valuation for both residential or commercial property owners. “Property owners may be surprised by the valuations of their property because the market has increased a lot over the past 4 to 6 years. The new market value may result in some property valuation appeals. Although people do like to know that their property is in a healthy real estate market” said Director Vickery.

It is critical for every property owner of the city to pay particular attention to their property reappraisal that you will receive via mail by April 1st.. Before you receive your new appraisal, please consider checking the current value of your property.

It was reported that the last reappraisal project conducted in 2005 brought some level of confusion and misunderstanding to some property owners. Director Vickery and his team are committed to making this process as easy as possible for everyone, which is partly why it has had multiple steps since launching in 2019.

Important calendar dates:

April 2021. The Board of Assessor Property Appeal Hearings held. Please note that hearings will be held virtually for health and safety concerns due to COVID.

May 2021. City review of appealed property valuations.

June 2021. Resolutions and Board of Assessor decisions mailed to aggrieved property owners.

July 2021. Tax Bills with new values issued.

Questions you may have

  1. Has my property value gone up? Does it mean that my property taxes will go up?
  2. If I feel that my property appraisal does not seem accurate, where or how can I appeal my property value appraisal?
  3. Yes, my property values went up and my property taxes are going up, but I am on a fixed income and can no longer afford to pay more taxes. Are there opportunities for people like me on fixed incomes to still be able to stay in our homes?

Why do some properties gain more value while others do not?

I am working with the NNE NPA to have Director Vickory attend to present and answer questions about the Reappraisal Project. The next NPA meeting is March 24 at 7pm.

Thank you for engaging in this important process and please be on the lookout for your reappraisal notice coming in the mail.

Mr. Ali Dieng
Burlington Ward 7 City Councilor


All Together for Burlington