Map of the New North End in Burlington, VT

Street Updates and Dog Park Discussion

I hope you are having a great end of summer and looking forward to the fall season. Happy new school year to all professionals at the Burlington School District as well as parents, guardians and students. As an employee of the BSD, I witness every single day much love, dedication and quality care from teachers, administrators, staff, volunteers and community partners in delivering top notch education of the 21st century and multiple pathways for excellence.
I wanted to take the time today to provide some updates specific to some issues in the New North End, Ward 7 in particular.

1 – Ethan Allen Parkway, next steps

Hope you are all enjoying the newly paved road at Ethan Allen Parkway and James Ave. Thank you to the Department of Public Works for meeting important timelines for project construction. I believe that residents of this great city deserve better in terms of accuracy when it comes to communication and engagement and how road project construction is being handled by contractors.
The repaving of Ethan Allen Parkway also presents opportunities to implement some bikeway improvements and traffic calming to a busy neighborhood school street. We hope that you will join the neighborhood meeting on Thursday, September 12th at 5pm in the Art Room at the Miller Community Center (130 Gosse Court). The purpose of the meeting is to provide input for the following:
• Replace the small speed bumps with speed humps
• Remove the raised centerline medians and, instead narrow the road with a northbound bike lane from North Ave to James Ave
• Add shared lane markings from James Ave to the Route 127 bike path entrance.
Please consider attending. Snacks will be provided. If you cannot attend, please provide direct feedback any time by September 18th by emailing or calling the Department of Public Works at or 802-863-9094 x3.

2 – Gosse Court Traffic Calming Request

On Friday August 30th, I spent some time to connect and hear directly from residents on Gosse Court. Gosse Court is a wide and busy street with a Community Center that hosts community events, senior activities almost daily, a child care center, afterschool, etc, and nearby schools of course. Over 80% of Gosse Court residents signed a traffic calming request petition. Despite making such a request when I was first elected in 2017, it was disappointing to hear the following response from DPW:

“Our traffic calming program is very popular and projects currently move forward on a first in / first out basis. We have several neighborhoods already in the queue and we need to complete our work with them before we begin working with Gosse Court. We estimate a 2-3 year wait before our first community meeting. This may not be the speedy resolution you were hoping for, but our staff capacity and funding only allow us to work on 2-3 traffic calming projects each year. We are wrapping up 2 projects through construction now and starting 2 new projects in the coming months. Thank you for your patience and understanding while we work with other neighborhoods who submitted their traffic calming petitions years ago.”

Neighbors, please rest reassured that we will do all in our power to push for a speedier resolution of this important safety matter that contributes to the quality of life of those directly affected.

3 – Updates – Ward 7 Street Projects and timeline: James Ave, Randy Ln, Charity Street, Village Green & Saratoga

We were fortunate to have the attention of DPW Engineer, Laura Wheelock, Senior Transportation Planner, Nicole Losch and Public Information Manager Robert Goulding as well as their support staff. I want to thank them all for taking the time to come down to our neighborhoods to assess and report on a timely manner about next steps on some issues. Please click on link below for the full report. It is important to note that weather or urgent issues can disturb timelines. The needed follow up work on James Avenue has been captured and reported, Nicole will follow up. Thank you to all the neighbors we encountered along the way going around the neighborhoods.

Link: Short term Plan for ward 7 street projects

4 – Starr Farm Dog Park Public Meeting 9/17 at 4:30 pm.

I do not represent people of ward 4 but I am a city councilor who loves the New North end and its people. I received and followed up on several emails in regard to how the dog park may be diminishing the quality of life of certain residents. Personally, I think the best alternative to resolve this matter is to think about the relocation of the dog part in a non-residential area such as Ethan Allen Homestead where dog owners can easily access the park via the greenway, or by car. At the meeting, the City will present action steps geared to minimize the impacts of having the dog park in residential area… We hope to see you there on September 17th at 4:30 pm.

Thank you!
Such an honor to be at your service!

Thank You La Boca Wood Fired Pizza in Burlington Vermont

Thank You for Joining Us at La Boca

On behalf of New North End School Commissioners Dr. Ivancic and Gulick and City Councilors Hartnett and myself, thank you for joining us for an informative gathering last Thursday at La Boca Pizza. We received great presentations from Stephanie Yu, a NNE resident and policy analyst at the Public Assets Institute on education financing in our state and also a great presentation on the home appraisal process coming to Burlington soon. Thank you everyone for coming together to discuss and learn more about issues in our community. If you have not yet been to La Boca wood fired pizza, check it out. It has a very welcoming atmosphere and is very family friendly.
Kienan Christianson - Burlington City Council candidate for the North District

Stephanie Yu

Bob Hooper - Vermont State Representative - Chittenden 6-1

Nancy Ellis and Monika Ivancic

Tomorrow, Monday 1/28, we will have an interesting City Council meeting where we expect much community participation specific to the City Hall Park advisory ballot item. The council will decide whether or not it will be placed on the ballot on March 5th.

To be brief, I love the City Hall Park restoration design and would want to see it executed as planned. The current and past city administrations, city councilors along with many city commissioners have worked very hard on this plan since 2011. During 2016-2018 alone the city staff from (Parks and Recreation and Waterfront, Department of Public Works, Burlington City Arts, CEDO) dedicated over 4,600 hours of time to City Hall Park. The hours include time spent organizing and attending over 25 public meetings developing and reviewing multiple iterations of plans, and managing consultants to prepare the contract plans that went to bid in early 2019. I believe the city has done its due diligence while ensuring the necessary steps to gather public opinion throughout the process.

I will be introducing the resolution to have it be on the ballot despite my stand on the issue for three reasons:

1) According to Article 20 of Vermont Constitution citizens of this state have the right to petition their legislators and instruct their representatives;

2) Vermont Law provides that voters may petition to have an article placed on the warning of the annual meeting (town meeting day) by submitting a petition signed by at least five percent of the voters of the municipality;

3) The Keep The Park Green group has submitted a petition with the required number of valid signatures petitioning the Burlington City Council to warn the advisory language on the ballot for a vote on town meeting Day.

Thank you to everyone that took the time to send us correspondences around the City Hall Park issue. I am inviting you to please join us at the Monday’s City Council meeting at 7:30 pm to speak your mind at the public forum.

One thing at a time, so many good things are happening in our great city. I look forward to provide more info around the “Investigation” I started with the delayed much needed crosswalks installation on North Avenue in the near future.

Front Porch Forum - Winter

Front Porch Forum: 2019-01-23

Dear neighbors,

I know many of you may have questions or would like updates around various issues in our city, especially issues around safety in our neighborhood. I am happy to reassure you that we living in the New North End have not been forgotten.

In light of the tragic accident that took place on North Avenue, area city councillors Hartnett and Wright brainstormed questions with me to ask to the Mayor of Burlington and Public Works Director as to why the promised crosswalk installations on North Ave were delayed. Those questions have resulted in an internal investigation. More details will follow before January 28th.

On January 4th staff of DPW and I spent quite some time in Ward 7 neighborhoods reviewing ongoing projects and capturing work that needs to be done in neighborhoods such as Village Green, Goss Court, Gazo Ave, the intersection of Ethan Allen Mobile Home Park and North Ave, and more. Thanks you to all those we encountered along the way highlighting the urgently needed safety upgrades. I would like to thank the board members of the mobile home park for inviting me to their meetings to learn about the issues they face and for opening a new line of communication and collaboration with the city.

We have quite a number of ballot items for the community on Town Meeting Day, March 5th. All the potential ballot items will be finalized by the council at our next meeting on January 28th.

Please join me, along with Ward 7 School Commissioner Dr. Monika Ivancic, on Thursday, January 24th at 6Pm at La Boca Pizza for detailed updates around the School Budget, Town Meeting Day ballot items, neighborhood projects and most importantly meeting with Kienan Christianson, one of the candidates for the North District Burlington City Council. For more info about the event visit: Hope to see you there to answer your questions and capture your concerns.

Please reach out anytime,
Best Regards,

“I didn’t just win, W-E won!” – Ali

Ali addressing a packed house of campaign supporters and volunteers on election night.

Tonight’s victory was a decisive win for the future of Ward 7. This campaign was grassroots and people powered (see above) from the very start. Thank you to all who volunteered and most importantly, thank you to Ward 7!

From the Burlington Free Press article coverage of Ali’s win:

“Ali Dieng, a Democrat and a Progressive, defeated Republican Vince Dober for a seat on Burlington’s City Council.

In daylong balloting Tuesday in a special election in Ward 7, Dieng received 610 votes to Dober’s 302. Results were tallied minutes after the polls closed at 7 p.m.

Other independent candidates trailed far behind. Ellie Blais received 47 votes, and Chris Trombly, 29.

Dieng won 62 percent of the vote, earning a higher margin than his Democratic predecessor, Tom Ayres, did in either of his two elections. Ayres won in 2013 and 2015 by less than 100 votes.

Thomas Fleury, the Ward 7 clerk, said 989 residents turned out to cast votes, including absentee ballots and early voting. ”

More press coverage on Ali’s win from Seven Days, NBC 5, and VT Digger.

This is it! Ali hands on deck needed!

Sunday, June 25 :: Volunteer Opts

19400009_1616015651751242_428655988246742442_nSunday Canvassing: 2 p.m.-7 p.m.

It is a beautiful day to take a walk around Ward 7, meet some neighbors, and drop off lit about Ali’s campaign and the election on Tuesday.  Email Katy Hellman, Ali’s Campaign Volunteer Coordinator, at to help.

Monday, June 26 Volunteer Opts

20170621_075218Monday Honk & Waves :: 7-8:30 a.m. & 4:30-6 p.m.

It is our favorite campaign activity—Honk & Waves!

Join Ali and an energized group of volunteers to start your day or end it at the corners of North Ave. and the belt line. Feeling spontaneous? Meet us there, we will have signs for you. Extra credit to bring your own!

Email for more info: Katy Hellman, Ali’s Campaign Volunteer Coordinator, at to help. Thank you!

Monday Canvassing & Lit Drop :: 5-7 p.m.

It is our final day to reach the last few houses in Ward 7, meet some neighbors, and drop off lit about Ali’s campaign and the election on Tuesday. Take an after work stroll and help get out the vote!

Email for more info: Katy Hellman, Ali’s Campaign Volunteer Coordinator, at to help. Thank you!

Obama-Phone-Bank-2-RichlandCountyDemsMonday Phone Banking :: 5-7:30 p.m. 241 N. Winooski Ave. Champlain Senior Center with Rights & Democracy

This election will come down to who turns and votes! Help remind voters that Tuesday is the day to go to the Miller Center and to answer any questions about Ali (don’t worry, we have his position on issues and other details for you).

Email for more info: Katy Hellman, Ali’s Campaign Volunteer Coordinator, at to help. Thank you!

Tuesday, June 27 Volunteer Opts

politics1-1-800affdcefb388e4This is the big day! Help Ali on election day with:

Greeting voters at The Miller Center :: 7-8:30 a.m. & 4:30-7 p.m.

Poll Side Checking :: 7-9 a.m. & 9-11 a.m. & 3-5 p.m.
Sit at the polls at the Miller Center and keep track who still needs to be reminded to vote!

Election Day Phone Bank :: 12-6 p.m.
Call those who have yet to vote and remind them to do so on the way home after work/their day!

Email for more info and to sign up: Katy Hellman, Ali’s Campaign Volunteer Coordinator, at to help.
Thank you!