Burlington, VT City Hall

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Resolution

I am extremely pleased and honored to be able to introduce a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Resolution at tonight’s City Council meeting. Please find resolution linked below.


Burlington prides itself on being a welcoming and inclusive community. As the largest and most diverse city in the State of Vermont, we have the opportunity to be leaders in highlighting the importance of diversity, equity and inclusion, not just through our words but through our actions.

This resolution is an important step in this direction. It creates a senior position in city government to guide and support city leaders and departments in becoming more diverse, equitable and inclusive internally, and across all that we do in Burlington. It also creates a committee of the city council focused on diversity, equity and inclusion, a committee that will be tasked with exploring the idea of a standing commission on these critical issues.

Our city, no doubt, faces many challenges, but we have learned that the diversity of our community is one of our greatest strengths. We cannot take this diversity for granted. We must work diligently to ensure that everyone, regardless of race, religion, gender, gender identity, age, ability or country of origin, is fully included in the fabric of our community life, and this must be done with great intention and focus.

This resolution begins to develop that focus through the creation of the new position and the new committee.

Thank you to Mayor Weinberger, fellow city councilors, Mark Hughes, Stephanie Seguino, Rachel Siegel, Shay Totten and community members who worked collaboratively with me to draft and finalize this resolution. I am grateful for all the contributions and look forward to continuing to work with you going forward to make progress on these goals. It is an honor to serve our Burlington neighbors as we strive to live up to our ideals of justice and equity in Burlington and beyond