Holly Beckert - Burlington, VT

Holly Beckert

Burlington, VT Kindergarten Teacher, (she/her)

I am writing to endorse Ali Dieng for mayor of Burlington. I have known Ali for about eight years. In that time, Ali has shown his true passion and dedication to our community. Ali knows our community inside and out. His energy is inspiring. He recognizes that our city’s diversity is an asset. He will work to make Burlington more equitable for all. He is a great listener, understands the unique needs of our city, and is a force of positive change for Burlington. I am so excited to vote for him in the election.

Sandrine Kibuey - Burlington, VT

Sandrine Kibuey

Burlington Ward 7 Resident

I was full of joy and hope for a better future for our city when I was told about Ali’s run for Mayorship of Burlington in 2021. I have had the privilege to meet Ali many years ago when he was introducing JJ Flynn Elementary School kids (including mine) to the art of drumming. Since then, I have witnessed his strong leadership, his resiliency, his integrity, his political passion and love for our city and its residents. His life experience and diverse background give him a unique and inclusive perspective on effective actions and decisions to be taken that no other candidates have. My trust is in him! I know that he will fight for all Burlingtonians equitably and succeed in making our beautiful city healthier, safer and more inclusive. HE HAS MY VOTE.

Aden Haji - Burlington, VT

Aden Haji

Ward 8, Burlington School Board Commissioner

I am proud to Endorse Ali Dieng as our city’s next mayor. I am confident in Ali’s leadership to make this city a more equitable and inclusive place for all community members. In all my time of knowing Ali, he has brought underrepresented voices and communities to decision making processes. This is the kind of leadership we need in this city.

Caryn Connoly - Attorney - Burlington, VT

Caryn Connolly


I am a resident of Ward 4 in the New North End. Ali Dieng is the Burlington City Councilor for the other ward in the New North End, Ward 7. Whenever I have expressed an opinion or asked a question on a topic that effects Burlington, Ali has addressed it—even though he is not my Councilor. He is a Councilor for ALL the people of Burlington. He takes that job seriously and gives it more than required. He has gone out of his way to make himself accessible and check on neighbors to make sure they are doing okay in these tough times. He takes an active-listening approach to learn and determine the concerns of both his constituents and Burlingtonians as a whole. He listens and doesn’t try to force an agenda on anyone. I find that especially refreshing in these partisan times. I have confidence that Ali will make a great mayor and usher in a new era, making Burlington a more welcoming and prosperous place for everyone. Ali has my vote!

Emily Merrill - Burlington, VT

Emily Merrill

Our family first met Ali during his time directing the afterschool program in our beloved Old North End school. He greeted families from all walks of life with a smile and a handshake. Ali broke down cultural barriers and built thriving intercultural friendships among children and families in our school community.

Ali’s ability to identify needs and take action to design and implement programs like Parent University have improved quality of life across the Burlington community. Our Ward 7 neighborhood proudly elected Ali to represent us in local government as the second new American City Counselor in our city’s history.

Ali goes above and beyond to help neighbors in need, and connect with constituents. Over the summer, he helped residents on our street avoid calling the police and instead organized a Restorative Justice influenced conversation to intervene in questionable and disruptive behaviors.

Burlington needs leaders like Ali representing our diverse neighborhoods and communities. I support Ali Dieng’s candidacy for Mayor of Burlington, Vermont.

Cleophace Mukeba - Burlington, VT

Cleophace Mukeba

Founder of the Vermont Ibutwa Iniative Inc., Member of the Governor’s Racial Equity Task Force

I have known the next Mayor of Burlington-Mr. Ali Dieng for more than 10 years.

This great American comes with a great deal of experiences which will make us all proud. As a father of two beautiful young girls and a great husband, the I first time met Ali at John J. Flynn Elementary School where he was impacting knowledge of Art of Drumming to our kids -my daughter including.

Ali believes in a Vermont beyond cultures, and a more welcoming, inclusive City of Burlington where people feel they belong. He is a great leader with contemporary ideas which will move Burlington forward.

I am supporting Ali for the Burlington Mayoral Office because he believes in each and every one of us, he is a good listener, understands people’s challenges and he is ready to lead us in these uncertain times.

His background as an immigrant, his immense experience working with parents and kids at Burlington School District and as a leader in Diversity Equity Inclusion Committee (City Counselor), with your help he will dismantle barriers of racism, will address health care disparities, will create jobs opportunities and affordable housing for all Burlingtonians.

Vote for Ali is a vote for Equality and Equity.