JEn Lucey - Burlington, VT

Jen Lucey

Parent, Educator and Resident of Ward 3

I met Ali when our oldest children attended the same elementary school. Together, he and I led a PTO sub-committee. It was a joy to work with Ali. I learned that he has a great sense for what needs to be done and how to make it happen. A true visionary, his approach is always thoughtful, practical, and inclusive. Ali has a special way of building community. He listens and empowers others. His energy and inner beauty are contagious. I have no doubt Ali would run this city with these same attributes, and for that, we will all be better off. It is an honor to support Ali for Mayor.

Steve McIntyre - Former Democratic Ward 7 Chair and City Vice-Chair

Steve McIntyre

Former Democratic Ward 7 Chair and City Vice-Chair

I first met Ali when he ran for the special election for the Ward 7 City Council seat when Tom Ayres moved to Randolph. His story was, and continues to be impressive and inspiring. I know that Ali will bring a degree of inclusiveness to Burlington city government that doesn’t exist. His work with students and parents have created a connection with our community which is unique and adds another perspective that no other candidate has. His eagerness to listen to and learn from the people of Burlington is what is needed now, and what has been lacking lately. His pragmatic approach to the police reform issue along with his willingness to confront racial biases is what I see as the strength of his candidacy above all others. Burlington is changing. We need to keep up and vote it forward.

Erik and Ute Monsen

Erik & Ute Monsen

Burlington, VT

We are excited to endorse Ali Dieng as the next Mayor of Burlington Vermont because he is a highly experienced and deeply caring community builder who listens carefully, thinks deeply, and acts promptly and personally. As a father, a New American and an educator of other New American parents through Parent University and the Burlington School District, he has a deep understanding of, and is an experienced communicator on issues that face parents and children in Burlington. More importantly, as an experienced city councilor from the New North End, he understands the value of all types of diversity to the people of Burlington, in terms of ethnicity and national origin, in terms of religious and political beliefs, as well as in terms of methods of transportation and recreational pastimes. Last but not least, he offers creative, practical and timely community-building solutions, that promote business growth and public safety in ways that combat inequality and climate change, at a price that is reasonable to local taxpayers.

Virginie Diambou - Burlington, VT

Virginie Diambou

Racial Equity DIrector, CVOEO - (She/Her)

Ali is a wonderful leader. He is trustworthy and is known for respecting his words. As an immigrant, Ali knows better than anyone the challenges people face when resettling in the US, especially in Vermont. He is conscious of all the dynamics at play for people to thrive. He also understands the importance of feeling safe and at home where one lives. I have no doubt that Ali will make the city of Burlington a place where people of all backgrounds and walks of life feel like they belong.

Holly Beckert - Burlington, VT

Holly Beckert

Burlington, VT Kindergarten Teacher, (she/her)

I am writing to endorse Ali Dieng for mayor of Burlington. I have known Ali for about eight years. In that time, Ali has shown his true passion and dedication to our community. Ali knows our community inside and out. His energy is inspiring. He recognizes that our city’s diversity is an asset. He will work to make Burlington more equitable for all. He is a great listener, understands the unique needs of our city, and is a force of positive change for Burlington. I am so excited to vote for him in the election.

Sandrine Kibuey - Burlington, VT

Sandrine Kibuey

Burlington Ward 7 Resident

I was full of joy and hope for a better future for our city when I was told about Ali’s run for Mayorship of Burlington in 2021. I have had the privilege to meet Ali many years ago when he was introducing JJ Flynn Elementary School kids (including mine) to the art of drumming. Since then, I have witnessed his strong leadership, his resiliency, his integrity, his political passion and love for our city and its residents. His life experience and diverse background give him a unique and inclusive perspective on effective actions and decisions to be taken that no other candidates have. My trust is in him! I know that he will fight for all Burlingtonians equitably and succeed in making our beautiful city healthier, safer and more inclusive. HE HAS MY VOTE.