Caryn Connoly - Attorney - Burlington, VT

Caryn Connolly


I am a resident of Ward 4 in the New North End. Ali Dieng is the Burlington City Councilor for the other ward in the New North End, Ward 7. Whenever I have expressed an opinion or asked a question on a topic that effects Burlington, Ali has addressed it—even though he is not my Councilor. He is a Councilor for ALL the people of Burlington. He takes that job seriously and gives it more than required. He has gone out of his way to make himself accessible and check on neighbors to make sure they are doing okay in these tough times. He takes an active-listening approach to learn and determine the concerns of both his constituents and Burlingtonians as a whole. He listens and doesn’t try to force an agenda on anyone. I find that especially refreshing in these partisan times. I have confidence that Ali will make a great mayor and usher in a new era, making Burlington a more welcoming and prosperous place for everyone. Ali has my vote!