Cleophace Mukeba - Burlington, VT

Cleophace Mukeba

Founder of the Vermont Ibutwa Iniative Inc., Member of the Governor’s Racial Equity Task Force

I have known the next Mayor of Burlington-Mr. Ali Dieng for more than 10 years.

This great American comes with a great deal of experiences which will make us all proud. As a father of two beautiful young girls and a great husband, the I first time met Ali at John J. Flynn Elementary School where he was impacting knowledge of Art of Drumming to our kids -my daughter including.

Ali believes in a Vermont beyond cultures, and a more welcoming, inclusive City of Burlington where people feel they belong. He is a great leader with contemporary ideas which will move Burlington forward.

I am supporting Ali for the Burlington Mayoral Office because he believes in each and every one of us, he is a good listener, understands people’s challenges and he is ready to lead us in these uncertain times.

His background as an immigrant, his immense experience working with parents and kids at Burlington School District and as a leader in Diversity Equity Inclusion Committee (City Counselor), with your help he will dismantle barriers of racism, will address health care disparities, will create jobs opportunities and affordable housing for all Burlingtonians.

Vote for Ali is a vote for Equality and Equity.