Steve Goodkind - Burlington, VT

Steve Goodkind

Former DPW Director and Burlington Mayoral Candidate

Forty years ago Burlington elected its last independent mayor, Bernie Sanders. This broke the stranglehold that the Democrats had on the mayor’s office. Bernie’s beliefs were left leaning, however, he governed the city from the middle and ushered in a period of political and economic growth. We find ourselves again faced with an entrenched administration in city hall that has a culture of dishonesty and secrecy designed primarily to be a stepping stone for the mayor’s political aspirations. It is time for another independent to take the reigns.

Ali Dieng is the right person at the right time to serve as mayor of Burlington. He is not aligned with any special interest groups or political party. He will put an end to the governance by optics and feel good , but not very effective, actions, He will put our well-being above his own political career. He will bring this city together, rather than tearing it apart. That is why I am all in for Ali Dieng for mayor.