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Front Porch Forum: 2018-02-01

Dear Neighbors,

It’s with great pleasure that I connect with you via Front Porch Forum. I hope that you are having a great winter and looking forward to a wonderful spring.

Instead of having our bi-weekly Dumplings with Councilor Dieng, I have decided to hold a meeting at Simple Roots on Thursday, February 8th from 5:30-7:00 pm. We will enjoy some drinks as well as some boca woodfire pizza made right here in our backyard in the New North End Ethan Allen Shopping Center.

On January 29th we had a long and interesting City Council meeting with an extended public forum. Many Burlingtonians came and spoke in support of two resolutions: 1) adding the ballot question around the F-35’s and 2) exploring the legal ramifications of the future of the ‘Everyone Loves a Parade’ mural in downtown. Both resolutions passed.

Burlington is the most diverse city in Vermont, with over 35% students of color in our school district. The downtown mural is used by schools as an opportunity to teach students about Vermont. It is important, as a city, that we look at all we do with an equity lense.

In addition to the ballot item questions I shared with you on my last FPF post (which you can find on my website,, the following questions will also be on the ballot on Town Meeting Day, Tuesday, March 6th:

1- ADVISORY BALLOT QUESTION: “Shall we, the voters of the City of Burlington, as part of our strong support for the men and women of the Vermont National Guard, and especially their mission to ‘protect the citizens of Vermont,’ advise the City Council to:
1.) request the cancellation of the planned basing of the F-35 at Burlington International Airport,
2.) request instead low-noise-level equipment with a proven high safety record appropriate for a densely populated area?”

2- ADVISORY BALLOT QUESTION: “Shall the City Council be authorized to issue general obligation bonds or notes in one or more series in an amount not to exceed Six Million One Hundred Thousand Dollars and 00/100 ($6,100,000.00), to fund capital improvement infrastructure projects of the City and its departments in furtherance of the City’s ten-year capital plan, with the expectation that the University of Vermont and Champlain College will make contributions to the City in support of such ten-year capital plan that will reduce the amount of property taxes needed for future debt service on such bonds or notes?”

I recently had the chance to attend a breakfast with the staff and friends of the Fletcher Free Library. We have so many friends of the FFL residing in the New North End as well as four full time library staff as our NNE neighbors. They are providing valuable insight on how a satellite library of FFL in the NNE should be designed to meet our 21st century needs.

I am seeking re-election on Town Meeting Day for a full term in order to accomplish my campaign promises from last spring. It is truly an honor representing you at the Burlington City Council. It is great to see the level of positive engagement from both Ward 7 and Ward 4 residents. I respect and value everyone’s perspective and will always get back to you whether you contact me via email, phone or Facebook message.

I hope to see you at Simple Roots on the 8th from 5:30-7:00 and look forward to continuing our community conversations and healthy discussions about the New North End and our city that we cherish, where we live, work, and raise our children.

Best regards,


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