Our Priorities

Thirteen years ago I came to this country not speaking the language and not understanding the culture. I began working with Burlington children in our community schools, which gave me great insight into this community and its values. 13 years later, I know our community, including those most underserved and disenfranchised. I have worked tirelessly throughout my life and my career for justice and to bring the voices of the underrepresented to the forefront. I have also been bringing people together, designing projects and programs geared towards giving people hope and confidence to meet their life goals. All of my accomplishments have been done in collaboration with others. I have accomplished much of this without a political party or an organization, but rather with a passion for service and a love of Burlington and its people.

Burlingtonians are tired and people are ready for change. They are ready for a leader who is not entrenched in partisan politics and who is all about the people of Burlington and their needs. A leader who is willing to do the hard but necessary work to move our city forward, and who is visionary is what our community needs and deserves. Burlingtonians want a government that can be trusted to do what’s right no matter what, a government that is transparent and clear, a government that cares enough to start the healing and unity of our community.

My name is Ali and I am proud to announce my candidacy as an Independent candidate for Mayor of the City of Burlington. Our city needs a new and trustworthy leader with an inclusive vision geared toward bringing people together and transforming Vermont’s largest city into the best small city in North America. This campaign is about implementing that vision for a fair, just,and equitable city that works for everyone. A city that seeks to eradicate all systems of oppression and discrimination against people of color and minority groups. And a city that strives for smart growth, public safety, fiscal responsibility, and sustainable economic development.

This campaign is about leadership committed to making a positive difference. This campaign is about leadership that listens and that does not turn away from some of our city’s most complex issues, leading with love and compassion for the underprivileged and vulnerable communities.

Here are my key priorities as the next Mayor of Burlington:

I know that together we can accomplish these goals and more such as climate change, mental health and community engagement approaches that work. Together, we will continue to do the work of uplifting the voices of everyday people across the Queen city. I encourage you to join us in this effort and engage in this campaign in order to see the transformative leadership that our small American city needs to become the best city in America.

Here are few ways we can start taking our city back:

  1. Share your ideas for the people’s platform.
  2. Host a virtual meeting; we want to hear from you, your family, friends and neighbors.
  3. Invest in our campaign in order to continue to uplift the voices of all people of our city.
  4. Most importantly, state safe, well, and VOTE EARLY for ALI.

Transparency, Unity and Action