Confront Racial Bias with Action Not Reaction

Much of what has been done in Burlington to date to address racism has only been in reaction to public outcry following specific incidents. We must be much more proactive, deliberate, and intentional in building our institutions, especially our public safety institutions, with a strong focus on racial justice. Similarly, we must also work to ensure that people of color have access to meaningful opportunities, for example, in municipal government positions, striving for retention of people of color serving the city. As the chair of the city’s Racial Equity Inclusion & Belonging Committee, I am helping lead the city’s effort to undertake a Racial Equity, Inclusion & Belonging strategic planning process. I will support the plan, and as your next mayor, I will ensure that its recommendations and best practices are implemented. This is the goal of my campaign. As your next mayor, I will not accept discrimination of any kind in our community. As the racial wealth divide continues to grow, the city must and will support BIPOC who are building means for economic independence. BIPOC folks in Burlington and around Vermont are fighting an uphill battle against racism to build a life for themselves and the entire BIPOC community in the area.